Automated Thread sewing is now possible for short run lengths

10 October 2019

Thread sewing is designed to make a book last a lifetime. Text sections are knitted together with thread resulting in an extremely strong book block that the cover is then bound to (as opposed to a perfect bound book where single leaves are glued to the spine). They are a premium product – not only due to their far greater durability, but also due to their greater aesthetic and production quality, which inherently gives more value to the user.

The traditional problem with thread sewing is that publishers have to order at least 1,000 copies to get anywhere near a decent unit price. This is because very few book printers offer thread sewing in-house, and those that do can only offer it from litho folded sections. Due to this many publishers, who ideally would like a thread sewn product, overlook it as an option due to the quantity that they think they would need to order.

Halstan specialise is short-run automated thread sewn books and therefore can be cost effective from as little as 50 copies. Our specialist bindery combined with our high definition digital inkjet printing technology and our highly skilled workforce allows publishers to produce quality books in short run lengths.

Opting for a thread sewn book block gives a range of further premium binding styles – including lay-flat binding, Ota-binding and case binding – all of which Halstan offer.