Every client is different and the reasons why many of our clients work with us often go far beyond the production of high quality print. At Halstan we take a consultative approach – fully understanding your requirements mean we can help you achieve your business objectives.

By working closely with our clients, we have implemented a wide range of solutions that have delivered huge value to them.

Examples include:

  • taking over the full management of the print buying and production for a publisher’s entire catalogue, thus significantly reducing their internal costs;
  • completely removing a client’s warehouse and all of the costs associated with it by digitising all assets and moving to a print-on-demand model;
  • printing personalised student course packs for an academic publisher and providing the workflow to ship them directly to their students as they sign up to the course through their website;
  • setting up and managing a print implant in a client’s distribution centre allowing them to combine orders of print-on-demand titles with stock titles in one delivery.