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At Halstan...It Is All About Teamwork


21 May 2014

Passing the baton

The phone rang…

"Hi Ian…I have a daunting task.. so I thought of Halstan"

"ok…. I'm sitting down"

" tonight at 8pm, files will arrive for a no fail delivery..it must land on a Member of Parliament's desk…..by 8-30am tomorrow morning,

DO NOT say "yes" …..if you have ANY doubts"

"Umm….give me 10 minutes …"

The item in question was a 40pp A4 full colour document…50 copies. The team that was needed to release the rabbit from the hat…was ready and waiting. Positive confirmation was given to the client…. and it was game on!

Needless to say, we are here to tell the tale…with the satisfaction and knowledge, that should a repeat performance be required….it is our phone that will ring!