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High Demand for POD

July 2013

High Demand for POD

Halstan's steady growth into new markets is starting to bear fruit, and no more so than our new offering of Print On Demand (POD). With the launch of a joint venture project on the 3rd June with our sister company Pindar Creative, we successfully unveiled our first bespoke print on demand project. It links directly to our customers' ordering system enabling production of personalised student packs for NVQ modular course programmes.

Case Study – Our customer was stocking over 8,000 modules of various different page extents , receiving daily orders from 150 - 300 students via numerous education centres in both the UK and overseas. Each individual student order would to be picked and packed separately at the central warehouse, where a personalised sheet would also be produced to complete the pack. All contents would be inserted into a generic A4 binder and despatched to the required education centre within a 72 hour turnaround.

It was the customers desire to move away from the pick and pack model, and investigate the possibility of a Print On Demand solution. Following a period of project scoping and technical development, an agreed solution was decided, written and implemented.

We now store the 8,000+ modules in pdf format on our server. Each centre collates their requests as usual, and our systems now automatically create a bespoke student order by “stitching” the required pdf's together with creating a personalised student contents sheet to form a single pdf for printing. Orders are grouped daily by education centre for ease of handling and one despatch note is produced for all items for the same centre. All tracking and reporting is automated by the system, enabling the student to receive their pristine binder at least 24 hours quicker.

There are many advantages to this unique Halstan POD process; no physical stock lying around waiting for call off costing space and money, no obsolete stock when modules or papers change. Therefore zero waste. Our database management skills ensure all files are the most up to date so each student can guarantee that the document they receive is always the most current.

This project is bespoke and customer specific. All software and processes have been written to suit the needs of both the customer and the end user. If you would like to discuss projects where you feel a similar approach would benefit you or your end user, then please contact your market sector expert or call us on 01494 725525.