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February 2013

Gearing up for the Frankfurt music fair - a personal view.



As the world of music publishers, musicians and music makers in general start to focus on the yearly event that is Frankfurt, we too have these dates well and truly etched on the calendar and production board within Halstan. While Halstan have experienced 93 years servicing the music industry in every aspect of production of music and with decades of attending Frankfurt (for an example last year I attended Frankfurt with my colleague Tony Whitehead (since taken a well deserved retirement) and the CEO Chris Smith, between them an excess of 65 years of the music industry). I myself was raw within this wonderful world. Yes, I've been to dozens of books fairs over the years and each one does have a type of buzz and atmosphere of its own, but the Frankfurt music fair is without doubt the fair that has impact. The initial assault of the senses is from the moment you enter. You have the accordions near the didgeridoos near an academic music publishers in musical mash - and that's just Hall 3! The importance of this event is tangible, for months prior to [Frankfurt] editors have identified titles that they would like to launch/exhibit, (trying to instil a sense of urgency to composers, music engravers and designers in an attempt to keep to schedules) their sales teams are adding them to their lists and the production teams are ... under pressure. Here at Halstan we get weekly updates of the "wish lists" for Frankfurt and those ever reducing print schedules (that's printing). As I've learnt that having such a history within Music it also comes with a responsibility and expectation that Halstan love to live up to. It's where the impossible schedules becomes possible whether printing around the clock to catch a shipment, or books being taken in hand luggage on the day. it's a challenge that Halstan have been doing for decades in territory well known to them.

So to all our customers that are starting to get a little anxious about certain titles - it's never too late (until we say so!).


Good luck and see you in Frankfurt (10-13 April)

Duncan Roeser



For details see: http://musik.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/besucher/willkommen.html